Thursday, March 26, 2009

"I ain't saying it's ok but I understand..." - Chris Rock

Let me 1st start of saying that I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER EVER PUT MY HANDS ON A CHICK!!! Not even yokin' her up by the arm or anything like that! That being said:


I've had this convo w/ folks many of times! Even before the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna shit! My Mom used to tell me "don't let no woman hit on you because if she finds she can get away with that shit she'll keep on doing it!" Now she wasn't giving a nigga the green light to just go out and start deckin' bitches. She was basically saying that if a chick ever put her hands on me then I need to immediately set some parameters at that very moment!

"How would you set your paramaters micAh?"

Why I'm glad you asked that!

1. The Mush - the act of palming someones face and pushing the shit outta it!
If you ever gotten mushed before it's never a pleasent feeling. Its not that it hurts you physically but it's the embarassing aspect of it that gets the job done. After you get mushed generally the 1st thing that pops up in your head is "WTF?!" and then it's normally followed by a "I know damn well this nigga ain't just mush me!"

2. The Anthony - the act of choking the shit outta someone after you tried to walk away from confrontation. (See "Dead Presidents")
Now I've never tried this particular act before but I can damn sure see myself doing it. Nothing worse than getting nagged after you tried to dead a situation. That shit'll drive anyone to do an Anthony on anyone!

3. The Weave Check - the act of grabbing someone and literally trying to shake a fucking track outta their head!
I've also never done this act before but outta the 3 this is the one I'd be more likely to roll with. If you keep hitting me and getting up in my face I'd snap EVENTUALLY! Like they say EVERYONE has a breaking point. I feel bad for the 1st chick that takes me there cuz I'ma try to give that bitch the adult version of SBS (Shaken Baby Sydrome).

Hitting is wrong! I just included this pic above because dudes face is hilarious!

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sachie said...

ummm...what happen to just leavin the crazy #$%^&!!!!!

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