Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my response.... Kissed By A Rose's "Things to Do In Qatar" list.

1. Tour Qatar….see the city…more like town….more like village….more like community….
micAh! - I plan on doing that

2. Have rock wars….live vicariously through the run down sandals of my Ali Shashaniya Ns…..
micAh! - I'm good

3. Shop….though you’re a stones throw (hopefully that doesnt go over ppls heads) from Dubai, the upscale shopping is sure to be a hit with street Ns turned military yes men….
micAh! - Already got that in the works

4. Watch Slumdog Millionaire….hey I haven’t seen it so…..
micAh! - Someone send me a bootleg. side note: nigga YOU ain't even seen it!?

5. Learn the History of Qatar….see why the Al Khalifa clan can’t get a flip flop deal with Rainbow….
micAh! - Not much to learn. The whole country has less than a million people and is the size of Connecticut...

6. Find some Middle Eastern untampered with box….
micAh! - I'm good.. Don't want to die..

7. Search for the strongest wifi connection…….so Brazzers network is never interrupted a la dial up…..
micAh! - It's called an external hard drive, So I'm covered like Randy Moss during his Raider days...

8. Work on your bball prowless….because once my knee is back to 100% I’m clockin right back in and killin anything within the 96ft…. whether it be Horse, 1on1, 21, 33 (for my BMore Ns) PIG, pig latin whatever…..
micAh! - I Awwwwready been sonn'n niggaz on the court in H.O.R.S.E! You and Curious George are next!

Sidenote: do yourself a solid and ship that 3G so I can rid myself of my slow net capabilities….I’ll pay for shipping

micAh! - Now you wanna be down with Team 3G?!? fallback.. the phone stays with it's master. I'm too busy playing Word Warp anyhow..


Chris747NYC said...

Word Warp - current High Score - 17370! Eat it!

micAh! said...

I'll destroy that bitch...

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