Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today at work....

We was watching "Madea Goes to Jail" (shitty btw). If you haven't seen the movie it's basically a story of a Capt'n Save-a-Hoe ass nigga (Antwan Fisher aka Derrick Luke) who feels responsible for the rape of his friend and wants to save her. The reason he shoulders the blame is because he brought Candi (Keisha Knight Pulliam) to a party during their college years. Well he leaves her by herself at the party and she ended up getting gang raped by a group of football players.

moving along...

He's goes on to become a successful city D.A. and she goes on to become a successful ho-fessional. Their paths eventually cross years down the line and it conjures up the memory of that horrible night that they both tried to put behind themselves. Since he's in a position where he can help her he tries everything in his Capt'n Save-a-hoe powers help her all while neglecting his bad ass Traci Edmonds looking bride-to-be.

"wrap it up!" - (c) Chappelle Show

Capt'n completes his mission and saves the hooker.


I basically started an shitstorm with the women in the office by screaming out "UGHHHHHH!!!! He kissed a fuckin' hooker!" during the moment Capt'n Save-A-Hoe kisses Candi finally rescuing her. My argument was: I don't give a fuck what the situation is YOU NEVER WIFE A FUCKING PROSTITUTE!!!

Points brought up by the ladies during this debate:
  • she was molested by her step-father
  • she was raped
  • she was on drugs
  • she had a hard life
  • micAh! is shallow
  • you don't know if the chick you used to date slept with mad guys
  • "whats the difference between yo' ass Amey?!? You slept with mad girls!"
  • She changed! She's no longer a prostitute

Now for MY points:

  • She's taken a lot of cock so her cooch might be wrecked
  • She's sucked a bunch of penis so you'll be kissing half the cities dicks
  • yes I know I'm shallow and I'm unapologetic for it...
  • just because she changed doesn't negate the fact she sold her body
  • the difference between me and a prostitute is the qty of girls i've been with IS NO WHERE CLOSE TO THAT OF A HOOKERS!! Oh yeah I didn't get paid for it either.. *maybe I should look into that. hmmmm...*
  • yes its tragic she was raped and molested but so have plenty of other people and you don't see them hooking...
  • and you're right I don't know how many people the chicks I date sleep with but that's why I make it a rule TO NOT ASK! What I don't know won't hurt me!
That being said I leave it to you the readers!

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