Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who would've thought....

...that I would actually long for a simple kiss?

I guess I used to over look the importance of a kiss. If I was kissing someone who wasn't my significant other than I viewed them as a simple means to and end (ass). But something was sparked in me when I saw these two people sneak a kiss between themselves. It's not particually taboo out here to share a kiss but the way they were so guarded while they did it made me think "damn these should be more reguarded than they currently are."

A kiss has been down graded these days to just simply a act without meaning. You see folks kissing all time via it be in the public forums, tv or whatever. We never give it a 2nd thought or even a 2nd glance for that matter. We just go on about our normal business and keep it moving.

But there was a time when kisses were dealt out with passion and feeling. Look at how Hollywood used to view kisses back in the day; Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Breakfast At Tiffany's, etc... These films all had a kissing scene that either brought the whole movie to a conclusion or it was a pivitol changing moment in the film.

These days you see drunk bitches and niggaz slobbing all over each other in clubs so much that it's become so pase. We gotta do better folks...

Next time you lock lips with someone make that shit count. Make sure you convey your true feelings for that person you're planting a wet one on. I'm sure they'll appreciate the act more than they normally would've.

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Sairy said...

say that dude!!

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