Saturday, March 21, 2009


My roommate here is 100% Navajo Native American. But this is not your typical Native American. This nigga is ghetto as hell. He be jamming screw music, drinking 40's and doing straight up Hood Rat stuff! (word to Latarian Milton).

moving along..

We was sitting in our jail cell (room) chopping it up talking about typical guy shit then all of a sudden he interrupts me and asks me "hey you know where I can buy some Kani online?"

Me: "Kani? You mean like Karl Kani?"

Him: "Yeah"

Me: "People still wear that shit?"

Him: "Yeah! I got a few sweaters by him! I think they only sell it in Europe."
(he stationed in Germany)

Me: "Uhhh naw homie I don't know where to find that shit"

By now I'm still beside myself with shock that this nigga asked me about some fucking Karl Kani, so I attempt to transition into another topic with the following: "oh word? His wife is fine as shit..."


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