Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I miss the 90's...

Man I miss growing up during the 80's/90's. But the 90s in particular I hold dear to me. The rampant bootleging of various pop culture icons was pretty much EVERYWHERE.
Damn those shirts were drawn TERRRIBLY but niggaz ain't care as long as their Bart Simpson or Toon characters was black or nigga-fied!

I can't front my grandma used to stay buying me these shirts and I would rock em' proudly!
Clothing from the EARLY 90's I miss:
-baseball jerseys
-hockey jerseys
-black colliegiate sportswear
-leather Nike visors
- Malcolm X hats
-black pride medallions (why did I sell mine on ebay!!?! smh...)
-jean overalls w/ the one side hangin down
-hypercolor shirts
-niggaz rocking combat boots lol
-Dwayne Wayne flip up sunglasses
-and just about all nikes released then!!!

1 comment:

Sairy said...

smmmhh....at the jean overalls!! you buggin on that one!

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