Saturday, April 4, 2009

The rust is slowwwy coming off...uh oh

Black & White? That's so passe'...

*note 1st time using color EVER... oh the room for improvement is there and it WILL happen!


Dank Rishaad said...

nah...for real micah...youre good. thats fucked up you never let me know this. what the fuck are you thinking?


K-Dub said...

And I'm the emo one? Come the fuck on.

micAh! said...

@ dank - I dunno.. Drawing is something that comes natural to me. But I only like to draw when I'm in the mood which isn't often. If I'm given a deadline or asked to draw something then I won't pick up the pencil.. I'm trying to work on

@ k-dub - "...I will roundhouse your ass" - (c) Will Ferrell "Step Brothers"

okkkk I can be a bit emo when I draw. I only like drawing somber shit.. but you're emo 24/7.

K-Dub said...

Lies and slander!

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