Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is how Eric is gonna be when I let him score a basket...

Oh yeah son after our phone convo today you just made Sonn'n Season's list...

The list is as follows:

(in order of importance)

6. Neef *sleeping*

5. Forehead Hodges *yawn*

4. Jus *yawn*

3. Brandon

2. E-vil aka Eric aka

1. The one they call FRANCIS


Tommy said...

I feel flattered that you want to rcv an ass whoopin from me the most chased by a no homo

micAh! said...

Operation Shut Niggaz Down has already been put in motion since the moment I touched the sand playa.

you apparently ain't click forehead's

Tommy said...

I did I told Brittany and we lold

micAh! said...


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