Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its so fucking hot!!!

Now I consider myself to be a pretty easy going guy. I don't complain a lot or ask for much. The only thing I want right now is a cold shower. Yes you read right a cold damn shower! Nothing is shittier than coming in from a the extreme heat (119+ degrees) only to take a shower in scalding hot water!

"Well, why can't you take one micAh!?"

Because they store the water in bladders that sit outside 24/7. So that means as soon as the sun rises they instantly start heating up.

"Well why don't you take one when the sun goes down?"

Because even when the sun is down it's STILL 90+ outside!

Taking a shower while sweating is a disgusting feeling! One of the 1st things the kid is doing when 10 toes touch down in the states is taking a lukewarm/cool shower! Ya'll just don't know how good ya'll got it! Must be nice to not have to take a shower in the Devils urine...FML

This nigga right chea...smh

After watching that video I couldn't do nuttin' but shake my head in amazement. That nigga is NOT fit for society!

See you in 10yrs!

*goes back to listening to "Down for my niggas"*

My Dad...

...had the illest, most organized tape collection on earth! This nigga had the shit in alphabetical order one year and then then nigga switched it up by lead actor. I think his pride and joy wasn't me but his damn VHS tapes! He would get in yo' ass *pause* if you used a tape and didn't put it back in the correct spot!

What was really said...

"Nigga, do you know who the fuck I am?! Bitch I am THE LEAGUE! You Isaiah Thomas looking muthafucka if you call another foul on me again I'ma have yo ass bitch ass officiating middle school games in Alaska!!"

Those were the days when MJ would openly sonn a ref w/o blinking because D. Stern & the front office had his back like the mafia.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

"...but momma I only like to use my paddle." - Forrest Gump

I have found the inner asian in me because I'ma ping pong playing ass bastard since I've been here! I be thinking about how I could've played a certain ball (pause) I misplayed earlier in the day while I'm in the shower or watching tv... I've become addicted!


"Walk like Naomi..." - Cool (of Cool & Dre)

I love skinny ass model bitches! I know they're shaped like European professional basketball players but they exude sex appeal with their confidence and demeanor! Being able to contort ya body on command is so ILL to me. A lot of folks swear this modeling shit is easy as fuck!


micAh! loves a chica with a mean pose game...

Back in the day...

I swear to God when I get back to Va I'm taking a series of photo's w/ the throwback laser background! Something about those photo's makes me laugh like crazy. I'm getting that shit blown up poster size and it's going in the living room...


"I sell nose candy, Willy Wonka..." - Pusha T

The 1st time I ever seen someone take "a bump" that shit scared the fuck outta me! My eyes was wide as fuck and my mouth was damn near on the floor! The way I was buggin' you would've thought that I was the nigga who was getting zooted! The reason I was startled because I was shocked at the nonchalantness of this person doing a drug that hardcore. I'm from a small city in FL where they might mix that shit w/ weed ("a durty") but never doing that shit straight up!

VA is a different beast than NorFLA (north florida) I've walked into bathrooms at the clubs in VA a few times and seen dudes doing lines. It's not really a biggie to me anymore, I'll walk in now and be like "whaddup homie?" and keep it moving like I ain't seen shit...

The Vader Project

The Vader Project - a reimagining of the iconic Darth Vader helmet by some of today's hottest underground and pop surrealist painters, artists and designers.

Click HERE to see more Darth Vader Helmet renderings

I would've love to have been able to transform a helmet into my own vision! I'm stepping up the artsy fartsy micAh! when I touch down back home! I was blessed w/ the talent and vision why waste it?

WTF kinda "The Crying Game" ish is this?

let a she-nigga do some foul shit like this to me! Real talk i'm telling ya it'll be "PENITENTIARY HERE I COME"!!!!

"Kids say the darnest things..." - Art Linkletter

"yo I promise you I'd beat Stephen Curry 1-on-1..." - Doodlebear Mitchell


You happy David fuckin' Stern!

The Nuggets got cheated! I've never seen such lopsided whistleblowing since the Jordan era!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Typical dialogue...

Me - mom I ordered something can you see if it arrived there?

Mom - what is it?

Me - don't worry about it ma' dang! Did it get there?

Mom - fuck you nigga I'll burn all this shit up!

Me - *sigh* Ma' is my shit there?!

Mom - yeah it's here, what is it?

Me - A duffle bag...

Mom - Nigga you ordered a duffle bag? A duffle bag Micah?!

Me - yeah!? what's wrong with that?

Mom - I guess, so anyways let me tell you about what this bitch said to me at the shop...

Welcome Home....

Persistence Bitches...

...and I ordered some ILL ish from Fruition. Eternal E, I got to talk to Sam on the phone too! Almost had a "jizz in my pants" moment... Lawd Hav muuurrcccy that broad is fine! I'll make her car payments! smh @ myself!

N*E*R*D x H&M

Doodlebear & E-vil have these dropped at H&M yet? If so sz L please...

Ladies take heed...

This braclet is the bizness!
I respect a chica who's accessory game is above par!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What was that you was saying Francis?

This was the face of disbelief huh...


micAh!'s "Woman of the Day"

"Rashida, Rashidaaaaaaaa you remind of a westside storyyyyy/growing up in southern caliiiiiiiii/ she living her life just like a movie starrrrrr/ooohhh Rashida, RASHIDAAAAAA...."

Yes I changed the words of Santana's "Maria"! Sue me...

Rashida Leah Jones (born February 25, 1976) is an American actress, model, and musician, best-known for her portrayal of Louisa Fenn on Boston Public, Karen Filippelli on The Office and Zooey Rice in I Love You, Man. Jones currently stars in the series Parks and Recreation with Saturday Night Live alum Amy Poehler.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"You can really tell a lot about a person through the shoes, so I always like to keep me a fresh pair." - Antwan Patton

I saw this shit on CNN when I came into work and I almost choked on my cashews from laughing. Them shits is faker than Lacey Duvalle's booty meat!
OutKast's Big Boi is a junkie, has been for

The multiplatinum rap star got his first shoe fix back
when he was better known as Antwan Patton, a busboy at Steak and Ale. He saved up his paychecks and rushed to a dealer to cop the only thing that could cure his jones -- a pair of British Knights tennis shoes.

"I've actually been into sneakers since I was a little
kid," Big Boi, 34, said backstage before his concert this month at the Sneaker
Pimps exhibition in Atlanta. "You can really tell a lot about a person through
the shoes, so I always like to keep me a fresh pair."
Sporting an ultra-rare set of blue-and-red "Bugs Bunny" Nike
Air Jordan
VIIIs, Big Boi said he today boasts at least 400 pairs
of sneakers, but he rarely pays for them because shoe companies send him

His most expensive, a pair of crocodile-skin Nike Air
Force 1s, sell on various auction sites for up to $1,800. Big Boi has never worn
them, but he plans on taking them out of their Nike lockbox this summer so he
can wear them in a video for his upcoming solo album.
'Twan forreal? You played the shit outta ya'self to the WHOLE WORLD! This tom-foolery is on CNN's FRONT PAGE! You've placed yourself in the same category as Fabolous! smh...


Click here to join the cause! I've voted 3 times already!

My Calorie Intake - "currently"

My Calorie Intake of the High protein/Low carb diet I've currently adopted for my 3 month crunch!

1 Pack of Oatmeal – 160
3 Protein shakes – 600
3 egg whites – 21
1 Slice of wheat toast – 89
2 handfuls of whole roasted/unsalted cashews – 340
2 scoops of Cell-Mass – 100
2 Scoops of N.O. Xplode – 50
1 Pack of Chunk Light Tuna - 80

Total Calories = 1440

I'm gonna add things to it to bump it up 200-400 more cals with a protein-laden food source. Because between lifting weights and doing cardio twice a day now I'm burning way too many calories. It's good to burn more calories than you take in but you shouldn't damn near deplete ya body to near exhaustion.

I weighed in at 214 two days ago. By 15 Aug I want to be at 195-200. It's a very obtainable goal!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

*Sigh* Are you really serious?

Sad shit is I bet he thinking "Yo I'm so fresh right now!" as he's walking down the street! lol

Right up the black man's alley!

I just finished reading this story on USAtoday about 4 states that have recently adopted a 'no-smile' policy for their state driving license photo's. This works perfectly for the black man because we don't like smiling in "official" photographs for shit!!! (see: school IDs, sam's club memberships, bank of america debit cards, etc...) Now club photos and shit like that we'll be cheesing and acting dumb all day long! But if it's for official business we gotta do the customary "Angry Black Man" look...


I alwayyyyyyyyssss wanted these! I've stumbled across a few listed on 'The Bay' but they always wanted some 'I Am Sam' retarded amount for them! GTFOH!!! I remember this kid Chris Worthington aka "Worm" had em' when I was a freshman. I secretly envied (a nice way of saying 'hating') him so much! I sometimes daydreamed that he'd step in dog shit or scuff em' getting off the bus. To my dismay it never happened...

Dropping in July = FTW!

*sigh* Supreme, FORREAL!??!

A collab with BUDWEISER!??! Are you serious? Tell me this is a joke! A collab w/ Heineken or Corona would be more acceptable than this shit!


When I get back to the good-ol-U.S of A I'll be moving into a new spot w/ a roomie. I'ma have to get used to having a roomie again because I got quite accustomed to walking around the house bucket-naked and dropping the deuce w/ the door open to watch TV.
There are many pro's and con's you must weigh when deciding on whether or not to have a roommate:
  1. Split the rent in half - pocket more paper
  2. splitting the utilities - ^see above^
  3. Someone can look after ya shit - I travel a lot so having someone at the crib to watch my shit is important


  1. Not paying their share - I had a situation like this happen and it was a nightmare. (that's why you always get a spot you can afford on ya own)
  2. Lack of privacy - I gotta screen "my company". I hate people knowing my bizness
  3. Extra Noise - sometimes you got a roomie who wanna play music/tv loud while you're trying to have some "me" time
  4. Food - eating up your shit w/o asking
  5. Habits - getting used to their habits/routines that may seem "normal" to them but you find it weird/annoying/dumb


So Cliff threw "T.I.'s Final Goodbye Bash" the other day and it truly shocked me! This nigga is acting like he's doing some numbers!!? He got a skid bid (the streets say he's a stoolie) for a crime where he should've gotten at least 5yrs minimum! A freakin' year and a day! NEGRO PLEASE!
I have friends who've placed their lives on the line by serving in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN for a year at a time only to come home for 2 weeks and then get re-deployed for another year. He's safe in a MINIMUM SECURITY FEDERAL PRISION while folks are dodging IED's, mortars, gunfire, etc!!!
He got busted in 07 and he's just now going in! wow..smh Don't even get me started on that bullshit ass "T.I.'s Road to Redemption" show on MTV. If that wasn' the biggest crock of shit! NOWWWWWWWW you wanna speak out against crime and violence! Funny how this newfound inner-McGruff the Crime dog came out from within after you got busted for trying to buy enough weapons to arm a small militia!
Since you've made it your life's mission (rolling eyes) to save the hood how about you change the lyrics to your songs? Aren't you the person who's established a whole career based on trapping/capping/hoeing? The same kids you talk to in schools are the main one buying your records. If you was so damn committed to change then how about change the artist known as T.I.?
Naw you can't do that because that would mess with your funds! Can't maintain that trapper appearance if you're broke huh?

All this shit and only a YR & a day! wow...smh

Meanwhile Mike Vick gets damn near 2yrs.

T.I. ain't made a good LP since Urban Legend.

ahhhh shiiiiitttttt!!!!!

Two pair of SZ 13 crispy Reebok Shaq Attaq I's have fallen in my lap!!!

If you know me then you know I stan for ALL things Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal (except those sandals he dropped) so I'm happy as a pig in shit! (excuse my southerness)

I said I was done buying kicks but damn I might have to pull the trigger..

When I saw these I was smiling just-like-this!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dear George Karl...

...will you go over properly throwing an inbound pass in practice today? JESUS YOU GAVE 2 GAMES AWAY!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

For some odd reason...

For some odd reason I had a 2yr span in my life where I loved nuttin' on chicks. I ain't have no particular spot that I preferred coat them at, I just wanted to bust on em' anywhere. I still don't know why I was really into but damn if I wasn't addicted to that shit! lol

Man I'm weird...



Thanks for e-mailing this to me JeNae!

Oh I remember...

I moved to my Dad's crib in Indianapolis at the beginning of my 7th grade year and stayed there til 8th grade. I fucking hated that shit so goddamn much! Not only was it NOT FLORIDA but it was cold as fuck in the winter and I was constantly getting bullied at school.

The kids would fuck with me everyday! They called me country, said I talked funny, they would take my glasses, jump me in the bathroom, punk me on the bus, etc.. I mean there were days where I would fake being sick just so I wouldn't have to go through that hell. The only thing I would do is stay in the room draw and cry like a fucking bitch.

When I moved back with my mom I felt like a freed slave! I was so glad to get outta that bitch! Looking back in retrospect I often think how I would love to encounter those muthafuckas who made my life so shitty now. Because I'm bigger than those bitches and I would whoop the fucking skin off those niggas! I don't think Jesus H. Christ himself could pry my fingers from around one of them niggas throats.


Sammy why is your fucking hair so goddamn wet-looking!? Since you retired from the league you have obviously embraced your Hispanic heritage all the way!

Side-Note: I think your wife went to the bathroom to "powder her nose" judging by that glazed look on her face.. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know where she is at that moment...

Mad props!

...because hair that goddamned teased took work! I'm talking mad hairspray and time! I hope she ain't do that shit herself because I know her arms was dead when she got done! I'm purposely leaving homie outta the

Jesus Take The Wheel...

There's being an individual, having fashion sense and being a trendsetter. These shameless negros are none of those! I don't even know where to being w/ this shit! The one thing I really wanna zero in on is that goddamn skateboard. *sigh* Why young man? Really WHY?!

*dead* @ the expression of the nigga in the background! I feel ya homie..smh

This shit don't make no fucking sense!!!

Yo it was a boiling 120 degree's today!!! GODDDDDDAMN!!! I swear to God I felt like I was stepping outside into an OVEN! On the real when I closed my eyes the sun was cutting through my eyelids directly into my fucking eyes! If i could ask God one question it damn sure wouldn't be "What's the meaning of life?" it would be "Homie really?! Does it truly need to be this damn hot on earth?"

Man I wish my old Navajo roommate didn't go back home because I would pay him to perform a rain dance. Hell I'd get out there with him in a Puff Daddy 99era shiny suit and start dancing like none other if it would help cool it down!!

Boy when global warming hits the middle east they really gonna be blowing some shit up!


Man I can't wait to come home and chop sumtin' down!

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