Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dada C-Webbz "Chrome Edition"

I remembered when these dropped; I think I was in 9th grade. Anywho Dada was wack as fuck but they had a good run during the late 90s. When Chris Webber left Team Beaverton and went to Dada most folks in the streets collectively exclaimed "WTF?!?".
Fast forward a year afte he left..
Dada dropped a special chrome edition of C-Webbz for the all star game and they shut mad folk up! Not many people had them because they were limited to only 1,000 pair. I can't front when I actually saw em' in person I wanted a pair. They reminded me of that Busta Rhymes x Janet Jackson video...

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Tommy said...

i remember when FINL sold the ones with the spinner and little white boys would beat the shit out of the shoe just to make the spinner work and then months later we had a stockroom full of shoes with broken spinners

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