Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Do the Hooka-Hooka, c'mon on Hooka-Hooka..." - Kiotti

I finally got off base and got to take in the local environment! We went to a cafe where we ate baked goods, drank some interesting drinks and indulged in Shisha (smoking a hooka pipe).

At 1st I was against smoking that shit because ya'll know I'm boring and I don't drink nor smoke. But, they finally convinced me to do it after they explained there wasn't any nicotine and you don't inhale the smoke, you just blow the smoke and enjoy the flavor..

So I watched my homegirl Jonesy and my homie Justin do it first.

Justin lookin' like pro...

"aight fuck it pass it here!"
Thinking about the strawberry flavor I'm currently tasting...

Ok, it's not that bad!

"Can you see the smoke?"
"Ok, how about now?"

"aight I know you can see the smoke now!"

"look I did it!" - micAh!, "man thats weak" - Justin

"Inhale harder! We can't even see the hooka bubblin' up! Quit being a bitch!" - D. Jones
Aight! fuck it.. I hit that shit hard *pause* and this is the end result, COUGHING UP MY FUCKING LUNGS!!

Finally a some-what decent shot of me blowing some smoke...


K-Dub said...

You look like a fuckin homo ass crackhead. LOL

micAh! said...

Hi Hater..

sachie said...

ur dumb. just put it down and walk away! LOL!

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