Monday, May 11, 2009

Hairy Arms Charmaine please confirm...

I finished up my senior year at my dads in Indianapolis, In and I met this dude there named Mike Scott. He had a penchant for saying some of the most outlandish shit. Of the tons of retarded shit he said over the days the craziest shit he said was "Yo girl's with hairy arms got that wet-wet..."

*Blank Stare*

Well Ms. Peterson, since you possess a lovely bead of Wolverine-like fur on your forearms is this indeed true?
Charmaine wanted to be heard so here ya go!

First let me start by reminded you that you are officially dead to me but before I bury your ass let me clear some things up: you should not have any children wed or not! This world already has enough fucked up rank ass niggas swingin off their own nutsack... We do not want or need anymore! Plus let's be real we know u'd fuck them up for life! Second you must be out ur mind to think Frankie's ass has 1 tooth let alone a full mouth of em! That hoe has dentures: top and bottom : ( But I bet she gives the best head wit those gums... Shit we all know how much she loves the pipe! Third everybody that knows you knows how much you love to eat blasian tossed salad so its no surprise you like that back door action! What's that sayin: "ya got ta lick it for you stick it!" Lmao!! Now finally the biggest question at hand: let me start by sayin I do not have no damn wolverine arms punk ass! I won't lie my arms are kinda hairy tho but I'm cool wit that! I won't ever co-sign on another chick's nanny but I will speak for mine. Yea its that wet wet/good good! I never had a complaint or a hit it and quit it situation. They always try to come back for more!

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Vannah Banana said...

What kind of freakishly nastiness is that? lol

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