Saturday, May 30, 2009

"I sell nose candy, Willy Wonka..." - Pusha T

The 1st time I ever seen someone take "a bump" that shit scared the fuck outta me! My eyes was wide as fuck and my mouth was damn near on the floor! The way I was buggin' you would've thought that I was the nigga who was getting zooted! The reason I was startled because I was shocked at the nonchalantness of this person doing a drug that hardcore. I'm from a small city in FL where they might mix that shit w/ weed ("a durty") but never doing that shit straight up!

VA is a different beast than NorFLA (north florida) I've walked into bathrooms at the clubs in VA a few times and seen dudes doing lines. It's not really a biggie to me anymore, I'll walk in now and be like "whaddup homie?" and keep it moving like I ain't seen shit...

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sachie said...

for the record..the first time i saw someone do it (n person)was in good ole fwb. weird huh? and i felt just like u did..i was like WTF?!?!?

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