Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So Cliff threw "T.I.'s Final Goodbye Bash" the other day and it truly shocked me! This nigga is acting like he's doing some numbers!!? He got a skid bid (the streets say he's a stoolie) for a crime where he should've gotten at least 5yrs minimum! A freakin' year and a day! NEGRO PLEASE!
I have friends who've placed their lives on the line by serving in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN for a year at a time only to come home for 2 weeks and then get re-deployed for another year. He's safe in a MINIMUM SECURITY FEDERAL PRISION while folks are dodging IED's, mortars, gunfire, etc!!!
He got busted in 07 and he's just now going in! wow..smh Don't even get me started on that bullshit ass "T.I.'s Road to Redemption" show on MTV. If that wasn' the biggest crock of shit! NOWWWWWWWW you wanna speak out against crime and violence! Funny how this newfound inner-McGruff the Crime dog came out from within after you got busted for trying to buy enough weapons to arm a small militia!
Since you've made it your life's mission (rolling eyes) to save the hood how about you change the lyrics to your songs? Aren't you the person who's established a whole career based on trapping/capping/hoeing? The same kids you talk to in schools are the main one buying your records. If you was so damn committed to change then how about change the artist known as T.I.?
Naw you can't do that because that would mess with your funds! Can't maintain that trapper appearance if you're broke huh?

All this shit and only a YR & a day! wow...smh

Meanwhile Mike Vick gets damn near 2yrs.

T.I. ain't made a good LP since Urban Legend.


LEX$ said...

hate to put salt on the wound but.......he only has to do 2 months having done 306 days of house arrest.....sorry

micAh! said...

I keep hearing various conflicting reports about how much he's actually going to do..

Scenario said...

U already know where I stand...

Tommy said...

N Trap Muzik was the ONLY good record he made

micAh! said...

yeah we know eric..lol

Urban Legend was straaaiiiight but I agree Trap Muzik was his best.

DAY-O said...

the spoiled rotten in me says FUCK BOTTOM BITCHES. I give no love to "follow up" niggaz. Be confident in the shots you take, PATNA.

K-Dub said...

I mean, lets not forget. He had the show with the community service bullshit. So that took some time off the sentence HAHAHAAA!

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