Sunday, May 31, 2009

What was really said...

"Nigga, do you know who the fuck I am?! Bitch I am THE LEAGUE! You Isaiah Thomas looking muthafucka if you call another foul on me again I'ma have yo ass bitch ass officiating middle school games in Alaska!!"

Those were the days when MJ would openly sonn a ref w/o blinking because D. Stern & the front office had his back like the mafia.


Tommy said...

"pardon me"

"Fall back Phil i got this one.....N you tight shirt David Alan Greer hairline havin motherfucker, Timbaland hawaiian bread rolls on the neck havin ass N, if you call another palmin violation i will send all of your kids my autograph, pipe your wife black ball you from the league and tell your family to eat off of my signature while you ref wheelchair streetball games you Ronnie Lott, Ahmad Rashad skinned motherfucker, now officiate the game like i told you 3 hours earlier

Sairy said...


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