Saturday, June 6, 2009

Arabian Adventures!

"I got my mind right/money right ready for war..." Memphis Bleek..

While waiting for our guides to start the briefing I notice this silly mawfucka rocking those shoes that are supposed to simulate walking around barefoot.. white folks smh

Finally on the road!
Our driver letting the air outta the tires so we can properly rip up the dunes..

the inside of our vehicle!

homie was shifting his ass off w/ both!

Carla's punk self..

Lunch break b4 we hit the dunes!

And we're off!

If you're wondering where the horizon is, you're looking at THE SKY! We're going up a fucking humongous sand dune! at least a 76 degree elevation! Nucking Futs!

Our driver...

Break/Picture Time!

"What's hap'nan?"

Our driver just jumped the fuck off the sand dune w/o no warning! Homie was bout it!

The classic "Prison Pose"

White people are so daring! That was a far jump! Fuck that!

Buenas Dias Putos!

I'm not ice grillin', it's just that God is shining the hottest & brightest flashlight in my damn face!

The drivers discussing the driving skills expo they're about to put on for us!

The drivers revin' up!

And they're off!

One of the other drivers.


Before we began our trip we were waiting on the drivers to show up. Our guides briefed us that the drivers seem to think that all American like rap music and have offended some folks (white people)on past trips. So if we have a problem with the music then address the issue w/ them so they can ask them to turn it down.

Immediately I turned to my homegirl Carla and say "I bet these niggas was playing some 'Pac". This other girl who came with us blurted out "how crazy would it be if he pulled up playing some Plies!?" Sure enough this distant relative of DJ Khaled pulled up playing what? SOME MUTHAFUCKIN' PLIES! Then he jumps out the whip, what's he rocking? A MUTHAFUCKIN' MAKAVELLI BRAND T-SHIRT!

Jesus take the wheel..

He later asked me where I was from (trying to be down and shit) and I responded Florida. He goes "You from Miami? I always wanted to go there!" I hate when I tell someone that I'm from FL they always ask me if I'm from FUCKING MIAMI!?! There are other cities in FL than Miami contrary to popular belief. Moving on, he start saying if he moved to Miami he could pass as hispanic then he starts speaking some mexicano vato spanglish that he probably picked up from watching old episodes of George Lopez.

Now to bring it home...

Finally he starts playing some NWA and all of a sudden he start kicking a freestyle for me. *blank stare* I just smile and bob my head along with the beat and tell him "That's dope!"

Break Time!

The dude posing in the middle was our driver.
look how high we are!

a few spots where salt was left behind after the water dried up..

All the way across the water is Saudi Arabia

...the kid takin' in the sights. (side note: the arms is shaping up niceeeeee)

Standing @ the top of a sand dune. Look how small dude looks at the bottom. This dune had to be at least 15 stories high!

Finally we arrived at the beach/bbq/camp after tearing the dunes up.

I was so stoked to see a beach reminiscent of back home. VA BEACH is fucking trash!

Even though the falcon was blindfolded I didn't get anymore than 5ft away from this bitch. Kinda scary.

The homie Carla chillin' w/ Josephine Camel (obviously a female camel)

One last look before we murk...

A shot of the Sunsetting over the dunes

Putting air back in the tires so we can head home...


RB said...

I was going to say the ocean water of VA Beach has never been that clear...



DAY-O said...

niga where the guns at?

micAh! said...

@ rb - yeah va bch is so shitty! I grew up with clear water and white sand practically my whole life.

@2BD - I'ma do it again and buy a camcorder. The pix truly do it NO justice!

@day-o - nigga this ain't iraq! lol

Tommy said...

LMAO LMAO LMAO where the guns at im postin that shit right now

micAh! said...

don't encourage

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