Monday, June 29, 2009

The biggest crock of shit on earth!

I lived in England during my middle school years and this afforded me the opportunity to travel all over Europe and expand my horizions at an early age. One of the things I experienced during my many travels across europe were NUDE BEACHES.

The 1st time I went to a nude beach I was shocked beyond measure! I looked down at the sand the whole time I was there because for some odd reason I was embarrassed to get caught looking at free-flowing tittyballs. After about my 3rd time of being at a nude beach I finally got my mind right and was like "fuck it I'ma look!" SMH I should've just stayed shy and embarrassed because that shit was nothing like what they show on TV, AT ALL! I've never seen so many dis-grossting ass bodies in my whole life! So many fucking orangutan titties and beached whale looking bitches posted up all over the beach, like thats whats good in the hood! No kid going through puberty should be BEGGING their moms to go home when being surrounded by titties!


sachie said...

u know, ur exactly right!! i go to nude beaches and folks r always tryin to say that im just tryin to look at naked, hot, oiled, muscled up men....i always tell them to go take a look cuz it aint NOTHING to get excited about!! LOL! but the even tan makes it worth it (i just go to sleep or read a book)

Sairy said...

^ umm yeah hell i look good everytime i get out there but im there to get this bangin ass tan

micAh! said...

I thought they just had topless beaches in MIA?

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