Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Damn shit done changed..." - Christopher Wallace

We have a term that we use in the military called "Professional Military Image" and that basically translates to "don't look like shit in your uniform". Well it was basically created because folks were passing they're PT tests (due to rampamt/widespread cheating) but still looking fat/sloppy in their uniforms. A lot of women (black women) take offense to the "Professional Military Image" term because they feel like they get singled out more than others. Their basic arguement is "(black) women are more shapely than others so of course my booty, hips, etc.. are going to show more in my uniform."

Now I somewhat agree with that but at the same time I feel they use that whole "women have more body fat then men" argument as a crutch. They love to claim they're "THICK" but in my eyes they sitting a cheeseburger away from being fat. I'm not saying you have to be fucking Chyna the wrestler but damn don't let big momma, auntee such-n-such and so forth continue to pass along generations of falsehood ("baby we just have big bones in our family") because in the long run they're only hampering you from living a healthy lifestyle...

I'd love to start seeing change in the black community because we are our own worse enemies! We have some of the worse eating habits and beliefs! You're not "Thick" girl you're straight up fat!

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