Friday, June 26, 2009

Excuse my tardiness

at age 3 I mastered the "stfu" look.

moving along...

It's been brought to my attention by a certain someone who shall remain nameless that I've been slacking on my blogging. If you've been rocking w/ this blog from the beginning then you know I blog in "seasons" so to speak. That basically translates to "GET OFF my penis I don't get paid for this, I'll update it when I feel like it..."

Now I find it quite entertaining that I got called out by a person who's blog is shittier than Mr.Thanksgiving's. Also to add salt to the wound this same person "...had the audacity!" (c) Snoop in "Baby Boy" to compare my shit to the homie Tom's blog.

"so comparing us, like wine to a grape stain..." - forgot who said that

the following twitter-sation took place after that error in judgement:

ImCourtneyLynn@its_micAh oh yeah also about that smart ass remark about my damn blog...I'm a get to it...why can't ur shit be as funny as @TommyMitche11 ?

TommyMitche11DAMN! "@its_micAh why can't ur shit (blog) be as funny as @TommyMitche11"-(c)@imcourtneylynn

its_micAh@ImCourtneyLynn cuz I'ma cold hearted nigga.. I don't have time to be funny. Niggaz in love @tommymitche11 have the capacity 4 comedy lol

TommyMitche11LMAO "@ImCourtneyLynn Ima cold hearted N I dnt have time to be funny Ns in love w/@tommymitche11 hve the capacity 4 comedy lol(c)@its_micAh

ImCourtneyLynn@its_micAh honestly I don't know how I could make it thru work with you two sites @TommyMitche11 except @its_micAh been kind of /// lol!!!

its_micAh@ImCourtneyLynn now that I think about it, HOW DARE YOU COMPARE MY BLOG TO @tommymitche11 's. Check the page hits u sea monkey! lol

ImCourtneyLynn@its_micAh lol!!!

TommyMitche11See @ImCourtneyLynn @its_micAh blog is like JaeZ mine more so of a NaS, his is flashy for mnstream Quakers mine is strictly for the streets

its_micAh@TommyMitche11 @ImCourtneyLynn "Men lie, women lie, numbers DON'T" - (c) Shawn Corey

*end transmission*

You lucky I'm trying to "walk with Jesus" *blank stare* these days cuz I should've torn your shit to shreds! lol


DAY-O said...

fuck an update my niga, u fighting the war, get to buckin. throw ya gunz in th air and all that shit!!!

~ Courtney Lynn ~ said...

Lol! It's all LOVE Luv!!!But we all know how this really started!!! I just want to be like you when I get older!!!

K-Dub said...

Im mad you posted all that shit and all of it is on the side of your blog for our viewing pleasure. Twitter conversations are too fucking confusing with all that @asshole pussy@cum or whatever the hell it is.

Anonymous said...

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