Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fat Chicks = EWWWWYYY!!!

I catch a shitload of flack from the female co-workers because I apparently have an extreme prejudice against fat girls. They try to make it seem like I be on a "Fat Bitch Witch Hunt". I don't HATE fat girls. I just can't see myself dating nor fucking one. I don't see what the big deal is honestly because everyone has a preference!

Fat chicks are not sexually appealing to me, AT ALL! As a matter of fact I get kinda grossed out by em' at times. Now when I say fat chicks I'm not talking about a thick ass Jordan Sparks lookin' broad naw I'm talking about an NFL Offensive Tackle Leonard Davis x Monique' lookin broad. UGH!!! I don't like obese chicks at all!! When ever I see a fat chick the 1st thing that pops in my head is "I bet her pussy stank!" I swear to God I think that when I see a fluffy chica!

...but there are exceptions like my boo Jilly from Philly!

Jill Scott is one of the FEW husky chicks I would EVER consider knocking down.

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