Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm so done....smh

I wish this shit was a joke...

Here's some verbage from site:

Pussy is a 100% natural drink. No nasty chemicals and nothing manufactured. It is made for people looking for a natural alternative.

The name Pussy shocks and demands attention - that's the point. Inhibition is a recipe for mediocrity. This is a premium energy drink named with confidence.

Pussy believes in natural energy - because it's better for you.

Hell I thought the cocaine energy drink was a horrific name! This shit takes the cake!

props to TC & Rizoh of TSS for bringing this to my attention.


asia kismet said...

pussy is good for

Sneakrhed said...

i love me some pussy

micAh! said...

@ asia - oh word? when's the last time you put some pussy to ya lips? lol

@ sneakr - word!

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