Monday, June 22, 2009

Keep it one-hunnid ladies!

Nothing is better than a chick who likes fucking and isn't ashamed to admit it! I hate those prude ass broads that steady front like they're cleaner than a preachers sheets! Just because you admit you like getting your fuck on doesn't make you a ho-bag! It means you're quite in tune with your sexuality and you're comfy with yourself!

I remember me and this dude at work was talking about sex and crazy shit we've done. This chick who was being a nosey ass bitch gon' suck her teeth and say "thats so nasty of ya'll to talk about stuff like that! You should have for respect for me!" I responded "girl sit yo' ass down somewhere cuz 1. we wasn't talking to your nosey ass 2. I know two niggaz who ran a train on you and 3. my homeboy said he pissed on you..."

She should've just minded her fucking biz or kept the shit one-hunid cuz A.) she wouldn't have gotten put on blast and embarrased and B.) we'd probably have more respect for her admitting she's a freaky bitch.


asia kismet said...

agreed. there is nothing wrong with a woman who is in tune with her sexuality. It's almost rather attractive that she has that quality. But there is a fine line between comfortable with your sexuality and just a plain out Smut...and conversations will reveal which one you is.

RB said...

LMAO! You are officially my favorite blogger. That was great.

Tommy said...

i woulda called her a toilet bowl and told her to sit the fuck down and be glad that you know me

micAh! said...

@ asia - I totally agree w/ it being attractive! Its all about how they present their sexuality in a convo!

@ RB- thx lol

@ Tommy - *dead* @ "...and be glad you know me" Crazy shit is I can see you saying that shit to a broad too..

Tommy said...

:-(................i do

Sairy said...

i just want to personaly say thank you to micah for letting them knw how i roll!!!

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