Thursday, June 4, 2009

A round of appluase for the newest member of the iPhone Mafia...


me - have you set up ya e-mail yet?

mom - nope it keeps saying I need to change my password but I went on the computer to check and my password was fine!

me - it did that to me once...

mom - and I gotta go get some shorter nails! I tried using a stylus but it ain't work!

me - ma' you can't use a damn stylus on a iPhone! It works off touch!

mom - I know but the lady at AT&T showed me how to use it w/ a stylus.

me - go back to your palm treo that you couldn't work either..

mom - you're not the boss of me! I'ma grown ass woman! Ain't that what you like to tell me? That you're a "Grown ass man"?

side note:

...Pops tom'bout he gon' cop one when the price goes down. $200!? Cheap

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