Friday, June 19, 2009

Some peoples kids..smh

It was brought to my attention that a certain homie of mine (who's of the eggshell variation) was acting a bit belligerent w/ the "N-word". Now, I'm not one of those "angry black men" who get all up in arms over white folks saying "Nigga". The word pretty much has the same affect on my demeanor as yelling "apple sauce" at me, I wouldn't bat an eyelid.

But that still doesn't mean that I'm giving folks the green light to let the "N-word" fly outcha mouth whenever you want. Because while I might be nonchalant about its usage the next mawfucka might not be and he might wanna stomp you the fuck out. And that's where the problem now ensues.

Don't expect me to have your back, AT ALL! You knew you was "Dead Wrong" - (c) Chris Wallace, for using a taboo-ass word. So if dudes gets to A-town stomping all over your face please don't look up in my face while you're on the grown with the "help me!" eyes because I'ma shrug the shoulders and toss my hands up...


Esco said...

I remember I used to fuck a chick in highschool who had a bunkbed. Many times I had to throw her from on top of me and make a quick escape because her moms would be coming home from work. No need to say that the next day at school her head would be all swolen up, and she would not speak to me for a week, until we would go and do it all over again. Fun times. TMI, I know.

micAh! said...

completely random but I apprciate the story.

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