Monday, June 1, 2009

Support the homie!!!

My old high school homie Kellen aka James St. Tightshirt is part of a production outfit called 'The Alpha Project'. He's been remixing a slew of tracks w/ his partner in crime for a minute now. All of them have been dope so far. I downloaded this Britney Spears remix he did and some bitch looking at my iPod wanna try to call me out when she stumbled acrossed it on some ol' "OMG nigga I know this ain't no damn Britney Spears on yo' shit nigga!". My response "Instead of worrying about my music selection please get some Just 4 Me because your hair is fucked up..." She ain't like that, "micAh you are such a asshole.."

He recently remixed Yung L.A.'s "Ain't I" on his own this time.

Listen/Download HERE

Keep grinding Kellen!

Lookin' like Barack Obama gay body double... The nigga cannot smile w/o squinting! Ol' Squints McGee ass tragic mullato!


K-Dub said...

Send me the damn Britney Spears song!!! Its not on any of those links fag!

micAh! said...

I'll ask him for the link tranny...

K-Dub said...

Thanks you fuckin hatin ass, miserable ass homo.

James St. Tightshirt said...

Here's the Britney Spears Remix

micAh! said...

thanks Mr. St.Tightshirt!

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