Thursday, June 11, 2009

Talk about RANDOM?!

background story:

Me, Mel , Lex, Tommy and someone else (I can't remember) was having a twitter convo about the top 5 porn stars we want to knock down. I can't remember but obviously I said something about Rachel Starr being in my top 5 and how I wanted to knock her down because I heard she don't fuck black guys. Low and behold this is what I find when I log into twitter:

RachelStarrxxx@its_micAh my last two ex bf's were black! just because i don't do it on camera doesn't mean i don't like it... geez don't be so judgemental

Talk about random?!?

1st question I had was "How in the hell did this girl find out I said that shit?!" Mel said she probably googled her name. Quite narcissistic if you ask me.. but hell I've done it and stumble across a CD review I left on Dirty's "Pimp & Da Gangsta" LP on Amazon. lol

2nd question I had was "how in the hell is micAh! judgmental of ALL people!?!?"

I started to go in on her cuz ya'll know I gotta short fuse but I'm maturing these days. Plus I'm still holding out on that small glimmer of hope that she and I will still be able to hold pinkies while walking through the mall and eating frozen yogurt (pause).

my reply to her:

its_micAh@RachelStarrxxx my bad. I'm not judgmental @ all. It's just something I heard. I guess that how rumors get started huh? sorry


its_micAh@RachelStarrxxx p.s. I guess dat makes sense because I remember see'n j.jameson on E! saying fukn a black dude on camera would hrt her sales



Ms. Starr you're still number one boo! I'm reserving a space on my neck to get your name tattoo'd so when we go public with our love it'll be official "like a referee with a whistle" - (c) E-40 aka lex real daddy.

Ice La Fox you're pulling in at a close second so standby! lol

Katie this is why you need to start fucking w/ twitter! The shit can be quite interesting at times!


She Hate Me said...

That other person was me.

Thanks for remembering. Jerk.

micAh! said...

OH YEAH! IT WAS YOU...LOL My bad.. I gotta shitty memory.. I don't even know my moms phone

I remember now.. we was talkin bout Gianna and her long ass titties!

sedmos said...

she probably twitter search her name to see who's talking about her.

Tommy said...

^^^see exact same thing i said

micAh! said...

no one cares what you say francis!

D. said...

lmao @ my last two boyfriends were black. It's right up there with saying, "it's okay, my best friend is black"

LEX$ said...

you know you fucked up right?.......

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