Saturday, June 27, 2009

They're just shoes...

I'm not really big on AF1's but from the moment these dropped I had to have them. Something about the colorway had the kid open like a mawfucka! Now I realized that they're for my Flip brethern but that ain't gon' stop me from rockin' a pair.

One dude I know was like "you can't wear those since you're not Flip homie. That's like me (he's 1/2 flip) wearing some Air Ghana's. " Shiiiiiittttt that ain't stopping folks from rocking the "Island" AF1's or the mannnnnyyy different country variations they had during the world cup! So I'll be damn if someone roll up on me trying to call me out for having these on!

I'ma military brat so I was raised around Philippino's, Thai's, Chinese, Blacks, White, Islanders, Korean's, etc.. I'm probably the most culturally diverse nigga ya know..

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