Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Ya momma is so..."

I remember once at work we was sitting around fuckin' off and all of a sudden niggaz started crack'n (jone'n for my country niggaz) on each others moms. Shit was all good til' I said something about this dude's mom who just came into the office.

Homie looked at me and was like "My mother is dead". Immediately we was like "shut the fuck up wit yo' lying ass!" Folks at work like to say that shit to make folks feel dumb and then follow it up with "Naw i'm playing" but this time he didn't say that.

So he give us his mothers name and city where he's from and says to google it then he walks out the office. We get'ta googlin' it and sure enough we find an article about his mother perishing in a 5-car accident.


I immediately track homie down and profusely apologize, luckily he was cool about it and was like "it's no biggie I talk about folks mothers all the time and I've gotten past her death."

He better than me cuz if a nigga would've said some shit about my dead momma some furniture wouldve been moving!

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