Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ladies please answer this....

How come when ya'll mob to the club in a group you ALWAYS got that one hating ass bitch that be cock blockin' and shitting on the evening?! Does her demeanor change once ya'll step inside the club? Because ya'll had to know that she was a pessimistic, crabby, onery, stank-attitude ass broad before ya'll left the crib!

charateristics of that one cock-blockin'/hatin ass bitch:
  1. fat
  2. usually drove to the venue
  3. can't dress
  4. has no man
  5. generally just an all 'round H.A.M (H.ot M.ess)


K-Dub said...

Guys think that the "fat hating bitch" is ruining their night. When in all actuality, the girl you're spitting game to doesnt really want to do/go anywhere with you. The fat bitch is there to just call GAME OVER politely. Sorry to break it to you!

that dude said...

She's the bodygaurd on duty. lol

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