Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Now you know and knowing is half the battle!" - G.I. JOEEEEEEE

If you've kicked it with me at a restaurant then you've probably noticed that I always specifically request NO LEMON in my drinks... Some have asked me why and others have given me the incredulous "wtf is this niggaz issue" look. Well here's why!

brb going to vomit!


oNe mAn gAng said...

SMH..."77%...or every 2 out of 3 lemons..." NO NIGGA. I've played NBA Live enough times as a shorty to know that 2/3 from 3point range is 66%...lmao

But still, fucking gross.

sachie said...

i dont even have to watch the video, i already know. u know i had a restaurant for MANY years and i have been to many of my peers restaurants...gross. im the same way, i never get lemon. i would like to say however, at MY restaurant we were BLUE PLATE AWARD WINNERS. we scored a 100 or damn close everytime!!! (:

That Girl Tiffi B said...

umm yeah, I NEVER will order lemon in my water again. Btw, make sure you keep a cover on your toothbrush in your bathroom because fecal bacteria can be dispersed into the air from the comode and land on your wonderful teeth-cleaning instrument....*grabs bottle of syrup of epicac & runs for the nearest bathroom*

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