Tuesday, August 18, 2009

53 Reasons...

These pictures were sent to me in an e-mail titled "53 Reasons To Not Be Gay" but since I'm all about love and equality for all here at The Industry Shakedown I decided to dead that OG title.

Anyways, I posted these photos to spread the wealth to all you thristy ass N's that be lurkin' on my blog!


She's cute I guess...

Probably a butter face No bueno! stunting w/ payless skripper shoes and her lunch money!
She got some torpedo tittyballsMy "hood-dar" is going off with this bird..Probably a freakazoid though.

wtf is she drinking? a corona? anywho she's a NO GO! NO BUENO!
Just for wearing Baby Phat she gets a No Bueno!
She's ok... Nice painting in the background btw. She looks to be in Robert Kelly's age demographic but is that a tattoo or her nappy ass bush?

I hrt Brazilia!
Two strikes.. One for rocking a horrible fit and the other for posing on a goddamn crossfire!

She gets a pass..
Nice... those better be REAL Millionaires on her face though
Was this taken in a College dormitory hallway?
*blank stare* a stonewashed denim skrippa outfit? Jesus take the wheel
She needs some plus 2's! I'm on the fence with her...
Gud Lawd! Probably butterfaces though..
Lord, bless Caitlin from Fort Wayne, Indiana heart for trying her best to be "down"!
She get's a pass although flip-flops w/a dress is a bit tacky...
I'm on the fence w/ her... who toots they doot out at an art gallery? smh...
Automatic NO BUENO. Why? I DESPISE BOOTS w/ the fur plus the Twilight looking broad on the right is killing the photo.
Butterface status
She almost didn't make for posing on a Murano.
"The lawd is my shepard and he knows what I want! MS. PARKER!!" - (c) Bernie Mac r.i.p
NO BUENO! Fake bootymeat
Looks like a long ass doot to me...no bueno

Go watch Jett Jackson lil' girl.. where are your parents?
*thumbs up*

ehhhh looks like a normal "round-the-way-girl"
"I'm so hooooooodddddd...."


She's cool...

So is she training for the next Tour De France?
ehhhhhhh banging body though
Take the sunglasses off so I can make sure you're not cockeyed
she's ok
Bethanny you get a pass...do something w/ the hair though.
WTF is on her knee? Was this shot on the set of City of God?
IS SHE POSING W/ A GODDAMN 40!? I'm done! smh
Can't see ya face boo! maybe that's a good thing though..
*blank stare*

You're a winner.. but you are chunking that deuce mighty hard though.. fingers look like they bout to split in half.
*Thumbs up*
You're cool I guess..


Mr. Nice Guy said...

Your buggin on the 9th chick in the red dress. Shes way more than ok..... Shes bad!

and I dont think thats a 40....It looks like Johnny Walker Red Label. I could be wrong tho

The rest I pretty much agree with you on

micAh! said...

the chick in the red gets a higher grade upon further review. Good Catch.

She Hate Me said...


Sneakrhed said...

that chick you gave the pastor clever quote too is a dime!

the rest of em look like they found em at a strip club

micAh! said...

@ she hate me - nigga you should've saw the face I made when I zoomed in on her! Lawd have muuurrcccyyy!

@ sneakr - yeah you're right the majority of them are pretty much skeezer quality but you'd still knock 80% of the list down though! lol

DAY-O said...

Micah, i respect you enough,

So let me get this straight:

Nigga, u aint GTD the whole time u been in somolia, hati, iran, where ever the fuk u at for the last 6 months, and u hating on these chicks? you better hope u run into one of these hoodrat hoes and "dickherdownoprah", before you find yourself in a "speedy" situation with a dime piece.

micAh! said...

Oh Willard the Angry..lol How you know I ain't GTD while I been out here?

Even if I did catch myself in a "speedy" situation w/ a Dime, I'd just shrug my shoulder and hit her w/ a "fuck you expect I've been in the desert"

DAY-O said...

^at which point she will like: "well i saw pictures of you fukin a camel, why cant u stay up?" *shrug*

micAh! said...

^at that point 88-Keys "Stay Up (Viagra)" will fill the air in the room..lol

DAY-O said...


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