Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coming Back to Civilization

So ya fave blogger will be back in the good ol' U.S. of A Sunday! *Harlem Shakin'*

Honestly, I feel like a nigga who's about to get released from doing a bid! I don't know wtf is crack/poppin'/hot/fresh 2 def in the skreets these days. So now I look to you, my appreciated readers, let me know what's good?!

  1. What iPhone apps are hot now?
  2. How much does gas cost?
  3. What movies do I need to catch up on?
  4. Does PTI still come on?
  5. What are the hot spots these days?
  6. Who's throwing the best parties?
  7. What music have I missed out on?
  8. What are the hot websites?
  9. What TV shows do I need to get up on? I heard True Blood (basically vampire porn) is hot!
  10. and if I need to know any other shit holla atcha boy via comments or e-mail


Tommy said...

1 Autostitch ($.99)
2 ehhh 2.35
3 ninjavideo.net
4 yeah
5 same/Justins house
6 above
7 none
8 see 3 and justin.tv
9 Hung on HBO

Mr. Nice Guy said...

1 Paper toss...mad addictive. Best of all its free lol

2 2.79

3 Hangover, District 9...and i havent seen Inglorious Basterds but i'll bet my middle nut its gonna be crack LMAO

4 Of course...its on a 2 week break cuz of the Little league world series SMH

5 N/A

6 N/A

7 www.myspace.com/costellthelight

8 ehh...same shyt

9 Entourage of course

K-Dub said...

I dunno, but come to the Jersey shore and partayyy!!!

micAh! said...

^kill yourself

K-Dub said...

Ewww, kill yourself. DONT come to the jersey shore. Cuz, as of now, you'll get murked!

micAh! said...

Fuck the jersey shore and their stupid accents..

i'll take a shit on the jersey shore.

sachie said...

true blood is the shit!

Nate. said...

3.inglorious basterds.

Nate. said...

3.inglorious basterds.

D. said...

True Blood!! Woohoo!!

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