Monday, August 24, 2009

I don't even know him and I hate him...

I'm not a hateful person by far (I mean I play-hate on my friends but it's all in good fun) but Nick Cannon is a nigga I fucking HATE! He is so goddamn corny and lame! I went to the movies to see Drumline (against my will) and the whole time my blood pressure was going through the roof! I wanted to throw my fuckin' drink at the screen everytime he came on it. Nothing worse than a corny ass nigga trying to be hard (pause)! FUCK!

I've compiled a list of celebs I want to punch in the face and why:
  1. Nick Cannon - (^see above^ )
  2. Paris Hilton - For being famous for being absolutely talentless.
  3. Heidi and Spencer - for being uber douches
  4. Rick Ross - for being a Federali and embarassing my state
  5. Glen "Big Baby" Davis - for being so overrated and lame
  6. Kobe Jellybean Bryant - you should already know why
  7. Desiree' Washington - for falsely accusing Iron Mike of rape
  8. Tim Tebow - because I'm a 'Noles fan
  9. Lil' Kim - for coming out in public looking a H.A.M
  10. and lastly Rihanna - I HATE HER MUSIC & VOICE! Plus she really ain't THAT dope looking.


Ricardo said...

Damn, can't Kobe get some love on his birthday? is nothing sacred!

Sneakrhed said...

looks like we got a gator hater

RAEthoven said...

so im a HUGE LSU fan and even bigger celtics fan.....LEAVE BIG BABY ALONE! secondly this did crack up me though. third. i just saw your comment. tackhead= a lame ass female. or in the way i used it worthless ass city of mine!

micAh! said...

@ dear uncle rico - fuck kobe
@ sneakr - fuck the gators
@ rae - fuck the celtics and LSU

Anonymous said...

man i never thought any 1 else hated rihanna ppl b on her nutts smh
and ps i didnt even realize u had that abc's thing on yur blog lol pinky swear

Sairy said...

love number ten cuz its sooooooooo damn true!
and PLEASE get off my mans tip!

suga said...

I get so tired of seeing Rihanna in blogs walking the streets doing not a damn thing. And she sings like she's using auto tune, but it's really just her voice.

Nick Cannon is super lame but I LOVED Wild'n Out. Not because of him though, but because of all of the other comedians.

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