Friday, August 21, 2009

My sister...smh

(hopefully she got her act together since last yr *when the pic was taken* and stop making myspace faces and rocking Famous, Stars & Straps)

moving along...

...So I'm chopping it up on the horn w/ her about random bullshit, which basically I was grilling her about her boyfriend (this goofy lookin' nigga) and doing my normal big brother threats of "tell that nigga I'll fuck him up if he do some trifling shit", "does he know ya brother is crazy?", etc... So after I get that outta the way she says "ooh I know what I want for xmas this year!" Already I'm thinking to myself, "She bout to say some bullshit" but I decide to humor her anyways and ask what she wanted. This heifer says "I want some pink Dr. Dre headphones"

*blank stare*

First of all, if I don't have no $350 headphones (even though I almost bought some last week) what in the hell would make her think I would cop her some? So I proceed to tell her that she didn't need them and that all those crazy colors she see the celebs rocking are special customs and the only color she would be able to get are the standard black joints..

smh kids.


LMJ said...

u a bad big brother what ever i asked my brother for i got/get smh @ your cheap ass

micAh! said...

^pft! I'ma GREAT big bro! I just don't see why I'ma break bread for some shit she ain't gon' take care of!

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