Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh really?

So ol' Francis dedicated a blog post to his gayders beating God's Team aka The Cowboys in a PRESEASON game! I told him the same thing I told his co-hater Nakia aka Suga aka I still rock my Starter Oakland Athletics jersey knotted up on the side, "Its preseason who actually gives a crap about PRESEASON!? lol Just like a raiders fan to hold on to the most irrelevant victory! I can tell you're not used to winning..LMAO"

But anyways Francis Thomas and myself now have a wager on the Faders vs. God's Team on the 26th of NOV. A pair of shoes are on the line.

Side Note: O'Shea we forgive you for wearing that hat, we all have "questionable" moments in our lives


suga said...

I never thought there was a such thing as a mentally disabled blogger, until you proved me wrong with this piece of crap of a post.

Funny how, if we had lost, you'd be clowing us for days. But now that we've won, it's brushed off as unimportant. N, get outta here with that ish!

micAh! said...

If ya'll would've lost I would've kept it moving because it's the raiders and ya'll are synonymous with losing.

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