Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Do any of ya'll moms or grandmoms got that big ass wooden untensil set mounted on the wall? Every crib we've ever lived in my moms had to have thems shits on the wall! According to her it was a African-American tradition that symbolized prosperity and having a full kitchen.

*blank stare*

When I moved into my 1st apt she gon' ask me "you want me to get you some wooden utensils for your wall?" my response was a simple *blank stare*


Nate. said...

hahaha.... yeah we had some of them joints...I have not seen them in them in a while...I hope she got rid of em.

RB said...

My grandmother has them, but they are this black metal...she's had them since I was young[er]...she said she got them because [like most things in her life] they were on sale.

D. said...

LMAO my aunt had em..bless her soul.

~ Courtney Lynn ~ said...

My grandma had them...lol..and threaten to beats us with them one time if we kept touching them!

micAh! said...

@ courtney - wow @ ya grandma threatening to beat ya'll wit em'! lol

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