Saturday, September 26, 2009

The things these eyes have seen...

I saw this shit when I went to Sport Authority to get some new weight lifting gloves. The whole time I was standing in line I was shaking my head at this broad.


Welcome Home...

...these were simply TOO ILL pass up on. I haven't bought a pair of AF1's in a long time (like yrs) but when I when I saw these I had to cop.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome Home...

New Balance X Solebox 1500's
Limited to only 120 pr in the US.

More NYC fuckery

So me and the homies Howie & Jus were on the subway platform waiting for the next sub to arrive. So that bitch finally pulls up and as soon as the doors open up we get an eyeful of ashy bum ass in our face! The 1st thing my nigga Howie says is "Ahhhh Hell Naw!!!"

So we talk down to the next door and enter the sub car there. So I guess someone made a complaint to a MTA official and here what happened...


I forgot about this video too..

Pretty Dope!

This is some talent!

Friday, September 18, 2009

more NYC ish...

Here's a vid of the line up for the Ice Cream /BBC store during a Fashion Week event that had Pharrell showing up...
apparently the shit got even worse...

Flicks from the Jamie Foxx concert last night

Hoe sit down...

jesus take the wheel...

So me and my homies (Kelli & Jenn) were being typical New York tourist and riding the sightseeing bus. The 1st bus had the weirdest damn guide on earth! Here's a vid of her trying to talk on the mic with it covered by plastic?! smh...

Random NY shots...

"...and you hoes/with ya cheap ass parasuco's" - (c) Sheek Louch

Filming "Sex in the City 2" I saw SJP and all I gotta say is *blank stare*
The Rapper Starter Kit

That good NY pizza fold!

"...Dead in the middle of lil' Italy/little did we know that we riddled two middle men who didn't do diddly." (c) Christopher Rios

aight ya'll


I've been rippin' and runnin non-stop.. Shit is finally slowing down so expect the blog to be back to its former glory and splendor! no b.s. 4 real!

"Givin' the glory to Jebbuuss!"

Where I rested my head in NY

A dope ass 4 bedroom 2 bath joint in the middle of Harlem!

Shit looked like a crackhouse from the outside but as soon as you stepped through the door it turned into some MTV Cribs shit...

The DMV = FML!!

A couple of weeks ago upon my return to the U.S. of A I was informed that my license was suspended due to an unpaid ticket I got literally a day before I left for my deployment. I tried to explain that I was deployed but VA's bitch asses wasn't hearing it..

They got me for $500+

Thanks for supporting the very folks who provide you the freedoms to act like fucking dicks!

My immediate thought when I walked in and saw this line was "FUUUUCCCCKKK!!!!"

How in the hell can basketball short be so deep in your ass that they look like Under Amour compression shorts? JESUS!
Homies forehead was beyond comprehension! His shit looked like the front of a Saab..smh

Sylvia's - Harlem UPTOWN

Here's a quick vid of me eating at the famous Sylvia's in Harlem w/ the homies Justin and Howie..

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ladies get'cha foot game up 2 par w/ the help of the ladies of 2BD

2BD's 'Spiketacular' A/W 2010 Heels

Hurry while supplies last!!!


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