Friday, September 18, 2009

The DMV = FML!!

A couple of weeks ago upon my return to the U.S. of A I was informed that my license was suspended due to an unpaid ticket I got literally a day before I left for my deployment. I tried to explain that I was deployed but VA's bitch asses wasn't hearing it..

They got me for $500+

Thanks for supporting the very folks who provide you the freedoms to act like fucking dicks!

My immediate thought when I walked in and saw this line was "FUUUUCCCCKKK!!!!"

How in the hell can basketball short be so deep in your ass that they look like Under Amour compression shorts? JESUS!
Homies forehead was beyond comprehension! His shit looked like the front of a Saab..smh


suga said...

You cant make appointments for the DMV out there? I never step my azz inside a DMV without an appointment.

And you KNEW you got that ticket before you left. lol Don't try to guilt trip them out of a ticket you earned, homie lol

micAh! said...

I've never heard of anyone making an appt for the DMV here.

I wasn't trying to guilt trip them out of the ticket but damn I had my mind on the war on terror and not a goddamn ticket!

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