Saturday, September 12, 2009

King Dominion (last Sunday)

Me, Jade, E, and Ryan hit up Kings Dominion last Sunday. Shit was dope because we had a V.I.P escort so we got to cut to the front of the lines. (You should've seen the mean mugs we was getting from the folks who was waiting in line!)

But anyways I had a blast and E got the inner child in him woken
Promotion for the Halloween events they got coming up soon. I will be partaking in the festivities!

The newest ride "The Dominator".

It was pretty nice...
Hands down the BEST ride at the park "The Volcano"!

Ryan screamed like a bitch!

The Drop Zone!

Eric was scared like a bitch!
The Drop Zone was dumb high!
Will someone come get they Nana? Jesus take the wheel! smh
I swear to God me and E spend well over $100 in Scooby Bucks fucking around with this! (He took the L btw)
*blank stare*
Ryan and E trying to take their minds off of the ride. They know they were scared! Fronting


RB said...

Yeah, I was definitely at KD last Sunday...but only because there was nothing else to do and it's only an hour away. There were people there that would just stay in their seat or come in from the exit and get infront of people who were about to get on and whatnot and everyone was getting mad, but I was like...hell, it's not like another train isn't running and it definitely wasn't hot outside. Back in my younger days [read: last year] one of my friends would bring crutches so we got to go to the front of the line via handicapped need for escorts, just stick it to the man.

drbombay said...

I know MICAH AMEY did not ride a roller coaster, let alone the Drop Zone. Where is the proof? I don't see any photo's of you riding anything. I can remember this same MICAH AMEY at Cedar Point in line for the Magnum XL holding up the line because he would not get on the coaster. LOL!!!! Sorry to put you on blast, but that's what Dad's are for!! Being in the war zone made you a renegade like your pops. Glad to know you will be ready for some real shit like parasailing, rappelling, etc. You know how I do it!!

Inside joke- As long as it doesn't involve "Running" I should be ok. You got me there. LMFAO


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