Saturday, September 12, 2009

okay ya'll today I start catching up... bear with me ya'll! lol

Here's a few shots from the AframFest that me and the homie E-vil hit up.

The Eye-Wear for the day!
Footwear for the day!

No explanation needed...
E's greedy ass murking a turkey leg! (pretty much the only reason he wanted to come *pause*)

When these fusions drop?
Of course my southern self had to indulge in catfish!

Jesus take the wheel! smh...

This picture had me and E rollin' for at least 20 minutes! There so much wrong with this picture that it almost makes you sad.

1. Why would our Leader of the Free World be shooting pool with the like of these unsavory characters?
2. Why does Usher have on a Falcons Vick jersey on?
3. Why is Dwayne Carter even in the pic? Like he would actually be sober enough to show up and act right for the photo!
4. President Obama wouldn't be within 100ft of Chris "Beat Bitches" Brown especially with this N cheesing with a Ed Hardy hat on..
5. and lastly why would he be pounding Hov?
VA n's Ride or Die for Vick. He's pretty much the Jesus of the gridiron in VA folks minds. So seeing this at AFRAM really wasn't too much of a shocker.

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suga said...

Your commentary on that picture is hilarious. And thanks for making me hungry with the catfish picture

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