Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear In-n-Out Burger,

...micAh misses you. :-(

ummmm Okay...

If you're a follower of this blog then you know that I am a staunch supporter of gay rights and I have a secret love for ghetto ass weddings as they put smiles on my chevy chase. Ok now thats outta the way let address this shit....

WTF kinda weird ass couple is this?!? I guess love is indeed BLIND! I don't even wanna know how this lil' butch ass broad be breaking homegirl off in the bedroom! The thought of lil' butch being naked make me impotent!

I mean really?!?!

How are WE (men) supposed to compete w/ ish like this!?


Seeing this on fridge of our snack bar at work had me ROLLIN!!

"What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!!!" - Andre 3k

I can think of someone in particular I would've loved to have did this to..

On my radar...

I saw these when I was in FNL the other day.. I copped the red ones. Might have to go ahead and get these too

Will the REAL Wiggin' please stand up?

Ladies and Gents meet Andrew Wiggins. He's the a monster on the court and get this he's only 13 years old!!!

I used to think this was the real Wiggins but I was sadly mistaken!

side note: WTF are they feeding the kids these days!?!

I Need This In My Life

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome Home...

OGs > Retros....

Soooooooo glad I ain't pick up those joint from FinishLine when I 1st got back...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sobering Up (aftermath of winefest)

We were all "feeling pretty good" so we walked over to Time to take advantage of their free buffet. After I ate 3+ plates of food and drank at least 4 glasses of water and a red bull I started sobering up (thank god).

High Beam#1 lost his God Phone (iPhone) a few weeks ago so he finally was able to get a replacement for that god awful wackberry he was luggin' around so we walked over to the mall to cop one...
While leaving to go the mall we noticed this lady getting yoked up. I'm guessing she left WineFest and was a wee-bit throwed off her ass. She apparently hit a car with her shit and kept it moving...
After AT&T shut down High Beam#1 and DENIED him the opportunity to rejoin Team iPhone we decided to kill some time before the Mike Epps show by fucking with my illegitimate child DiJon at his place of employment, FinishLine.

*Blank stare*

winefest 2009

Me, J, High Beam #1, High Beam #2 and Brock when to the Winefest this year at Waterside in Norfolk. The weather was shit but we still ended up having a good time.

I got drunk for the 1st time ever in my life! Who would've thunk that 5-6 glasses of wine wouldve did that to me so quickly?! Once I realized I was faded I started panicking, tweeting, texting, tearing up, calling my mom, dancing w/ no music, and a whole bunch of other random shit! Luckily for ya'll I brought my flipcam so ya'll can share the madness of my 1st public intoxication.

I will NEVER get drunk again.

a few of my drunk tweets:

I'm drunk 4 da 1st time evr! I can barely txt! Fuck

Brock + Airhorn = Bad news for everyone else

Brock decided he wanted to buy an air horn a few weeks ago...

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Gracias Jorge for this GEM! I laughed at this shit for a good 20 min

Drop the shit already...

side note: actually seeing Terrence do the laugh is far creepier than hearing the shit on wax...

Welcome Home...

If you've been following me on the blog or twitter then you know that I made a trip to the Nike ID Studio @ 21 Mercer in NYC. My OG plan was to make a pair of bespoke AF1's til' they told me how much it cost *blank stare*. So I took option "B" and went with crafting a pair of AM90s (which I love btw)...

The whole design process was quite interactive and it was dope to actually get to hold the color/fabric swatches in my hands as I decided on what I wanted.

So, I know present to you the OFFICIAL "The Industry Shakedown" Air Max 90's

Colors Used:

-Varsity Red

Premium Materials Used:

-Suede (not nubuck)
-leather (not synthetic)
-Patent Leather

Of course the "TISD" on the heels is a acronym for T.he I.ndustry S.hakeD.own

....I can't front I wasn't particular ecstatic about making ANOTHER pair of ID AM90s but when they arrived I was impressed with the HIGH QUALITY and construction of the materials used! I will make another pair when I go back to NYC.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Welcome Home...

Oh it's that time of the year!

Just got my hands on this 20th anniversary Simpson Treehouse of Horror press kit...

Looks like I got candy for my desk now!


thx J

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Video: Scoopy Giles - Dumplin' Butt

This broke even my cold heart! :-(

*click image to enlarge*

Welcome Home...

UPS just dropped these off today! *shawty lo dancing*

I've wanted the Nike x Mita Dunk Trainers for a LONG ASS TIME and from the moment I saw images floating on the net for the Livestrong x Hideout Footscapes I HAD to have them shits too!

Viva Las Vegas...

...yes I'm weird, I know! My family and I have come to grips with that longgggg ago.

I need to buy into this Franchise...

They FINALLY opened a Five Guys Burgers & Fries on our side of the water and that shit has been JAM PACKED everytime I've stepped in there! The shit just opened last week and if I had to guess I'd feel comfortable saying they've HAD to have made at the very least $18k this week!

Welcome Home...

Supreme x A.P.C

*sniffing* ahhhhh

I love the way this shit smells on me! Folks lets step our fragrance game up and quit rockin' CURVE, COOLWATER, CHROME, ETC...

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