Monday, October 5, 2009

"Finally! It has happened to me..." - Robin S

I always wanted to get a tattoo but I could never get my paper right because majority of the time some Jordan's was coming out that I had to have. Well after seeing the homie Nato's brother Chris Garcia do E's sleeve I knew I HAD to get some ink from him.

So, I finally get my ends and my minds correct to proceed forth with the tattoo but as you all know the government thought it would be neato of them to send me to Qatar for 6 months. Well after I got back I get the devastating news that Chris is no longer in VA but in fact has set up shop in Las Vegas now. FUCKKKKKK!!!

The gods must've felt for the kid because an opportunity to go to Vegas popped up and I jumped on it.

The inspiration
The finished product!


Mr. Nice Guy said...


That Girl Tiffi B said...

Like the tat, but I don't think that Robin S. sang the "Finally" song. I thought it was CeCe Penniston sung it.

Ricardo said...

can we say Jesus take the wheel!

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