Friday, October 23, 2009

I mean really?!?!

How are WE (men) supposed to compete w/ ish like this!?


K-Dub said...

Ugh, if I got something like that I would be pissed. There's no use for things like that. Unless you have a table with a broken leg and you have to hold it up with something.

RB said...

After much research [read: typical day in the life of a college student porn enthusiast]...that there hoo dilly is meant to be used by two females at the same time. One on one end and one on the other they ride it at the same time: ass to vagina, vagina to vagina, ass to ass[I guess men could do it to but it thats talent]. Some females even find pleasure in giving it head while the other female rides it. So as far as competition goes it's pretty much which of you could perform better in a threesome.

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