Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome Home...

If you've been following me on the blog or twitter then you know that I made a trip to the Nike ID Studio @ 21 Mercer in NYC. My OG plan was to make a pair of bespoke AF1's til' they told me how much it cost *blank stare*. So I took option "B" and went with crafting a pair of AM90s (which I love btw)...

The whole design process was quite interactive and it was dope to actually get to hold the color/fabric swatches in my hands as I decided on what I wanted.

So, I know present to you the OFFICIAL "The Industry Shakedown" Air Max 90's

Colors Used:

-Varsity Red

Premium Materials Used:

-Suede (not nubuck)
-leather (not synthetic)
-Patent Leather

Of course the "TISD" on the heels is a acronym for T.he I.ndustry S.hakeD.own

....I can't front I wasn't particular ecstatic about making ANOTHER pair of ID AM90s but when they arrived I was impressed with the HIGH QUALITY and construction of the materials used! I will make another pair when I go back to NYC.


lalaliybean said...

i'm not crazy about the stitch print/perforation in the front but the colors are hot and 90's (and 97's) will never go out of style!

Mitch aka Sneakrhed said...

These are pretty dope.

How much does it cost to design a pair of Bespokes?

micAh! said...

@ mitch - $800

Mitch aka Sneakrhed said...


Sairy said...

i love them......

micAh! said...


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