Sunday, October 18, 2009

winefest 2009

Me, J, High Beam #1, High Beam #2 and Brock when to the Winefest this year at Waterside in Norfolk. The weather was shit but we still ended up having a good time.

I got drunk for the 1st time ever in my life! Who would've thunk that 5-6 glasses of wine wouldve did that to me so quickly?! Once I realized I was faded I started panicking, tweeting, texting, tearing up, calling my mom, dancing w/ no music, and a whole bunch of other random shit! Luckily for ya'll I brought my flipcam so ya'll can share the madness of my 1st public intoxication.

I will NEVER get drunk again.

a few of my drunk tweets:

I'm drunk 4 da 1st time evr! I can barely txt! Fuck


~ Courtney Lynn ~ said...

I have no idea why...but that damn "Kitty Kat" line gets me everytime! But it looks like you guys had fun. I need to start attending events like this in SixBurgh!

D. said...

LMFAO @ "I'm feel weidd"

There's just something about being drunk that makes you want to alert the whole media on your drunkeness.

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