Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Lets get it on in public..." - Kelis (gold diggin) Rogers

Lately I've been more interested in engaging in more sexual acts in various public places. The most public place I ever knocked someone down was on a concrete bench in a garden on the grounds of a church (lord forgive me).

Places I wanna get it on at:

- movies
- airplane
- amusement park ride
- a famous monument i.e. Eiffel Tower
- subway


Tommy said...
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micAh! said...


p.s. the comment was sent to my email.. I'll hold on to it for you lol

Koty said...

movies [check]
amusement park ride [check]
House of Blues semi , sorta kinna , possibly , perhaps , qualifies as a historical monument haha so [check]

D. said...

oh my!

micAh! said...

@ koty - house of blues? I need details! *standing by*

Koty said...

- shakes head in a bit of embarrassment -

mmk so the House of Blues in HWood prior to a little innovation had these half - circle shaped private booths on their semi - second level. My then boyf got us into one and our friends went to the lower level (dance floor or w/e) The booths had tables in front, so we just pulled it in closer and did our thing. All it took was a dress that flared at the bottom a bit plus the fact that I could pass off riding him for a lap dance. So yeah, it was on. Cant believe I shared, but you should try. Makes for a good story tell. Lol

that dude said...

i actually know somebody who shagged in a movie theater before. i tried to get a chick to doit she was like hell naw.

micAh! said...

@ koty -

@ neef - you're game is weak son

asia kismet said...

public such a turn on.

lists of a few places
1. a photobooth on the santa monica pier
2. a subway station platform in manhattan...and yes there were people around us like 5 feet away.
3. on a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood there was a park...

i hope incorporate a library and a museum into that list eventually. it's only a matter of time :)

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