Tuesday, November 17, 2009

R.I.P Peter Cottontail

If you're saying "WTF is that?" then let me give you some background on what you're looking at.

A few days ago my Mom called me saying she think some animal wass caught in the pool filter. So, I asked her what it was and she ran down the usual suspects of rodents: rat, possum, etc.... Well after a few hrs of fretting about how to remove it she called a family fried to remove it and low & behold it was a big ass Rabbit!

How'd it get in there you ask? Well here's my Ma's theory:

"I think the rabbit was messing around in the backyard and Raheem (our rottweiler) went outside and chased him around. I guess the rabbit was so scared it accidentally fell in the pool, couldn't get out and drowned.."

So there you have it..


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