Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

So much to say, So little words...

I've been laughing at this shit at work for about a week now. This will NEVER get old to me...


1. Why is homies belt so long?
2. How come the folks in the background ain't paying him no mind? They like "There Juan go again! Don't pay him no mind baby."
3. Why is the nigga in the wifebeater trying to steal homies shine?
4. WTF is on the back of his damn pants?
5. Who told him it was cool to incorporate the Yung Joc motorcycle dance in this routine?
6. Is he under the influence of ANYTHING?!?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

You know your team sucks when...

...the PG (Jarrett Jack) from the opposing team bends over to tie his shoes while holding the rock.
Talk about straight up disrespect on a enormous magnitude!

Life isn't fair...

So I recently found out that Panera Bread no longer makes the chocolate chip & walnut cookies I grew to love before I went to the desert... THIS SUCKS!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I was trying to think of my 1st kiss and for the life of me I can't remember it. Either my memory is indeed that shitty or it really wasn't nothing too spectacular to be stored in my memory banks. Do any of ya'll remember ya 1st kiss?

Xmas time ughh...

I am the biggest fucking grinch. I hate xmas time with a passion! I'm the worse at buying gifts, I hate xmas music (makes my ears throw up), xmas decorations and xmas tv commercials (why are they still showing that same damn Fruity Pebbles commercial from when I was young'n?!).

"You's a sucka-fo'-love-ass-trick..." - Tupac Shakur

When I was committed/faithful husband I used to do any task that was asked, i.e. carrying shopping bags, running errands, painting toenails...

Wow, I'll tell you I think love can easily be compared to being legally insane because now that I'm emotionally dead I would NEVER do that shit again. I often look back in retrospect and just shake my fucking head at myself..


Back when I was living in Florida I used to have this roommate who was the biggest cockblock on earth! Anytime I would have a bitch over he would wanna come around and start conversing like it was nothing. One time I was smashing this bitch and this nigga come knock on the door to discuss possibly contacting the electric company to find out why there was a 47 cent increase in the electric bill.

*blank stare*

Nigga do you not hear me in here giving this bitch the ol' one-two?!?

Needless to say next month I broke the lease and bounced....

I really wanna know how this shot came out!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Need This In My Life...

Normally Acapulco Gold is wack but this hat is fire....

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