Sunday, January 31, 2010


I think I'ma start two new additions to the blog 1.)Daily Fresh Check (basically it'll be wtf I'm rocking) and 2.) Todays Footwear... I might also add a lil' blip for folks I run into that I think are put together well. We'll see....

NEW Video: Mos Def - "White Drapes"

I need the MP3 to this track, like YESTERDAY!!! PLZ HELP!!!!


Click HERE to download the MP3

(courtesy of StatFlow) x Presents: SnowDayInVA(mixed by MicahMoney)

DISCLAIMER: I grudgingly post this, not because of the quality of the music but because I hear about this Micah Money nigga EVERY TIME I'm in cmon. But I told the homie Gabe I would support him.


Moving along....

Welcome to the Rebel E crew’s best way to spend your snow day. Fill up those ipods and go kicks some ass in the snow!!! On this you have Gabe, Ced, Ziff, Vince, Mikey, Jane, KidA, Max, Bub, & Lou. Along with honorary guests Intalek, Harley and The PRB, Shaolin Park, Peter Maher,& JB.

Mikey: I did this because we all have shit happening around here. And I feel like Southside doesnt have outlets for real. But maybe this will help, on snow days, “anything can happen”. Enjoy! OH!, Nick and Paramount, please dont sue me,lol.

Download by clicking HERE

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yes folks I made Capt Ahab bow down to a force greater than him on the court... Sonn'n Season has returned! BONG!

luckily for him no one recorded this..


The gentleman above is my father. He recently joined the iPhone mafia now he feels the need to send me pics and vids all the time lol (same for my mother too). This photo was him being a fucking showoff because he grew his beard in. This is significant to the both of us because we both have "patches" in our facial hair. A full face of hair is pretty much unattainable for the men in our family...

This is my rebuttal pic, smdh..FAIL! My barber swore up & down "...homie I'm telling you I can make it connect! trust me" I should've just got a sharpie and colored the rest in...

Tell me my shower curtain ain't dope!!!

I got the itch....

If you follow me on twitter then you've obviously noticed that my pressence on there has been dwindling and all I talk about is playing #COD.

I am addicted to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2!!!!

If I'm not at the gym then more than likely I'm up in your chick or playing Call of Duty! I mean its so bad that I've been coming home to play it during my lunch breaks! smdh....

my sn: young_micAh
(ps3 btw)

Finally cleaning up...



Thats not all of

Welcome Home... (the m.i.a edition)

G-Shock Glide.. Don't judge me I got it 50% off.. (UATW hookup) *kanYe shrug*

Mark Veca x OriginalFake

Supreme Parka

Mighty Healty "Rihanna"


Lou Reed x Supreme (pretty sure most Ns don't know who Lou Reed is)


OriginalFake (side note: I need to clean my lense shit!)


Mos Def x Undercrown
I think Undercrown is for the most part wack but I got the shirt for $12 off of jackthreads and I fux with Black Dante heavy so it was an easy cop.

Mos Def x Undercrown

(W)Taps x Supreme


(W)Taps x Supreme


Mighty Healthy "Rihanna"

OriginalFake x New Era

Kaws x Nike Air Max Currents

Somoas AND shortbreads EARLLYYYYYY

Questlove x Nike Air Force 1 premium

The Simpsons x Kaws x Vans Chukkas
FINALLY got my hands on these after damn near 2yrs of searching!

I had already beat it on 360 but I no longer have a 360 in my possession (another story) so I gave my 36o copy of COD to my personal trainer. I copped the PS3 and COD game basically cuz I was bored...

DQM x Nike "Bacons" Air Max Currents

Bought 2pr of the 2010 VIs retros and yes I bought the 1st retros on the same day...*kanYe shrug*

I'm sure there's a ton of other ish I bought too but I'm just too lazy to search for it and if you know me then you know my memory is TERRIBLE!!!

"Your blog and your body both fell off..." - Brock

So the million dollar question is WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!


Quite HONESTLY, I just stayed off the "internet gridwire" for a minute. Why? Because I just needed a break.

Trust me I'll NEVER do it again. Because the amount of complaining, emails and txt msgs was overwhelming!

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