Sunday, January 31, 2010 x Presents: SnowDayInVA(mixed by MicahMoney)

DISCLAIMER: I grudgingly post this, not because of the quality of the music but because I hear about this Micah Money nigga EVERY TIME I'm in cmon. But I told the homie Gabe I would support him.


Moving along....

Welcome to the Rebel E crew’s best way to spend your snow day. Fill up those ipods and go kicks some ass in the snow!!! On this you have Gabe, Ced, Ziff, Vince, Mikey, Jane, KidA, Max, Bub, & Lou. Along with honorary guests Intalek, Harley and The PRB, Shaolin Park, Peter Maher,& JB.

Mikey: I did this because we all have shit happening around here. And I feel like Southside doesnt have outlets for real. But maybe this will help, on snow days, “anything can happen”. Enjoy! OH!, Nick and Paramount, please dont sue me,lol.

Download by clicking HERE

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